A downloadable game for Windows

Lightspeed is a game about speed. The faster you go, the less likely you are to be hit by an asteroid, bullet or other nasties. But that's not all, you don't just have to dart around dodging whatever you can see. The faster you go, the more susceptible to damage you are, you must balance your ship's energy the best you can to stay alive. But that's not all again, (otherwise how would you get all those points?) Shoot down all the enemies in the shortest time you have in order to rack up points before you ship runs out of power. Movement keeps your energy up so try your best to balance out all you need as best you can. 

Move using the mouse, shoot using the left mouse button, flares are deployed with the right mouse button (only one active at one time) and escape key to return to the menu.

Tags2D, Arcade, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


Lightspeed.exe 2 MB